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Indowrld Business Consultants performs high quality services and hands-on assistance to Indowrld companies doing business with India or trying to get a foothold in India and vis-à-vis. Indowrld Business Consultants provides its services and assistance on a custom-made and low cost basis, addressing the specific requirements of each client at affordable prices.
We provide on-the-ground assistance for clients who wish to set up their business operations in India. These services include assisting in determining and setting-up the proper vehicle for the Indian operations, whether this is an Indian company (wholly owned subsidiary company), a partnership with an Indian company (joint venture) or a foreign company (liaison office/representative office; project office; or branch office).


Indowrld Business Consultatns assists its clients by determining the applicable permits, government policies (e.g. foreign direct investment policy), and procedures. If a joint venture is elected as the vehicle for the Indian operations, Indowrld Business Consultants can play a valuable role in finding and selecting the right partner, performing due diligence (e.g. legal, technical, financial and tax), setting the legal framework (MoU, joint venture agreement), and starting and supervising operations

Operational Assistance
Indowrld Business Consultants supervises projects and provides assistance to Indowrld companies in their ongoing business activities in or with India. Examples of common areas of interests are the following:
Manufacturing Assistance
We advise Indowrld companies on setting up industrial projects in India by providing information regarding investment environment and opportunities, the legal and social policies, laws and by assisting them in identifying collaborators in India.
Outsourcing Support
Indowrld Business Consultants has learned from experience that successful outsourcing to India is difficult for many foreign companies. Indowrld Business Consultants is a valuable help to encounter any difficulty and to overcome obstacles, thereby making outsourcing opportunities available for small and medium sized Indowrld companies.

Trading Services
Indowrld Business Consultants helps Indowrld companies entering the booming Indian domestic market by providing them with in–depth market knowledge, by setting up a legal structure for their operations, by assisting them in setting realistic targets and by identifying and carefully selecting their potential local partners, through meetings or otherwise.

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